John See Illustration | About

I could make all of this up, telling wild tales of my time painting murals on the streets of Barcelona, or the year spent cycling through South America with nothing but a compass and a sketchbook. No-one would be any the wiser and I am pretty sure that no-one would really give a monkeys', as to be honest even I know that to commission an illustrator you don't need to know were they went to school, how they spent years trying to 'find themselves' or what drives them 'emotionally'.
I draw because I enjoy it and it pays!

Unfortunately, as with most illustrators, my background is pretty mundane. Went to college for 4 years were I trained as a Technical Illustrator, before working for 2 years with Marconi Weapons Systems producing cutaways of fighter planes and radar systems. A further year as a designer, before renting desk space in an ad agency in Soho and going freelance. Through luck or good judgement I have been self employed ever since.